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It ’s easy to be sleepy in spring

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1. You can wake up in the morning by washing your face with cold water to help you wake up. You can also use this method when you feel sleepy. It is easy for your face to wake up after a cold stimulation. In addition, you can also use mint-flavored toothpaste to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, and then wash your face with cold water to help increase the excitement of the body's nervous system, so as to quickly restore the state of energy.

2. Women can promote a good mood for the day by painting themselves with a beautiful makeup, while men can remove their drowsiness by taking a shower and washing their hair. At the beginning of the day, they can give themselves a good mental outlook and help create a positive Active mental state.

3. It is possible to open a good day's work state by morning running. People who are not going out to exercise also use some simple stretching exercises to open muscles, eliminate fatigue, and drive sleepiness.

4. You can drink mint tea appropriately, especially in the spring. It is also very simple and convenient to brew during the office. The menthol ingredient contains menthol, menthol, menthol, menthol, limonene and other substances, and is a very good refreshing tea.

5. You can refresh your mind by stimulating your sense of smell, such as smelling fengyoujing, cool oil, toilet water, etc.

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