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Interpretation of "National Basic Public Health Service Project" Policy

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In March 2009, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System", proposing requirements for promoting equalization of basic public health services.
In July 2009, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Population and Family Planning Commission jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Gradual Equalization of Basic Public Health Service Projects" to begin the implementation of national basic public health service projects and major public health service projects.
1. Purpose of project establishment
Solve the main public health problems facing China, improve the health of residents, improve the fairness and accessibility of basic public health services for residents, avoid being limited to local areas, promote the improvement of new mechanisms for the operation of primary medical and health institutions, strengthen public health functions, and reflect public welfare Sex
2. Project establishment concept
Every resident, regardless of gender, age, race, place of residence, occupation, income level, has equal access to basic public health services at this stage, mainly by determining a number of basic public health services, free equalization for urban and rural residents is provided. Equalized
3. Basis for setting
According to the national economic and social development status, major public health problems facing, financial affordability, and effective intervention measures to determine with economic and social development and financial affordability to adjust the locality on the basis of nationally determined projects, local basic public health services content
4. Project content
Health management: health file management, health education crowd services: 0-6 year old child health management, vaccination, maternal health management, elderly health management, Chinese medicine health management disease management: hypertension patients health management, type 2 diabetes patients Public health services for health management, management of patients with severe mental disorders, and health management of tuberculosis patients: reporting and handling of infectious diseases and public health emergencies, and supervision and management services of the Health and Health Commission.
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