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People's Daily: Improve the ability and level of responding to major public health emergencies

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The fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is a major examination of the national governance system and capacity. Winning this exam requires us to win the epidemic prevention and control battle based on current science and precision, and to take a long-term view to innovate and improve major epidemic prevention and control measures in terms of systems and mechanisms, and improve our ability and level to respond to major public health emergencies.
General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to sum up experience and learn lessons in an important speech at the meeting to coordinate the promotion of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation and economic and social development, and in-depth study on how to strengthen the public health legal guarantee, reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, and reform and improve Major issues such as the prevention and control of major epidemics, the improvement of the medical insurance and relief system for major diseases, and the improvement of a unified emergency material security system, promptly fill in shortcomings, plug loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, and improve the ability to respond to major public health emergencies and Level.
To improve the ability and level of responding to major public health emergencies, we must grasp the fundamental of system construction and strengthen system guarantees. It is necessary to reform and perfect the disease prevention and control system, improve the public health service system, optimize the input structure of medical and health resources, strengthen the construction of public health teams, continue to strengthen the system construction of general practitioner training, graded diagnosis and treatment, and improve the research, judgment, evaluation and decision-making of major public health risks 3. Prevention and control coordination mechanism. It is necessary to reform and improve the major epidemic prevention and treatment system, improve the emergency response mechanism for major epidemics, improve the prevention and control norms for major and severe epidemics and emergency treatment management methods, improve and optimize the major epidemic treatment system, and establish and improve the classification, stratification and diversion of infectious diseases And other major epidemic rescue mechanisms. It is necessary to improve the medical insurance and rescue system for major diseases, explore the establishment of an exemption system for medical expenses for special groups and specific diseases, and achieve an effective connection between public health services and medical services. It is necessary to perfect a unified emergency material guarantee system, optimize the guarantee of important emergency material assets and regional layout, improve the national reserve system, and establish a national unified emergency material procurement and supply system. It is necessary to build a complete, scientific, standardized, and effective legal system for epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively strengthen and improve the construction of relevant laws and regulations in the field of public health, and strengthen the guarantee of the rule of law in public health.
To be sober, we must fill in the public health shortcomings in this epidemic alert. The "wild game industry" poses a major hidden danger to public health security. We must resolutely ban and severely crack down on illegal wildlife market and trade, resolutely eliminate the bad habits of overeating wild animals, and control major public health risks from the source. It is necessary to systematically sort out the shortcomings of the national reserve system, scientifically adjust the types, scale, and structure of reserves to improve the efficiency of reserves.
"The act of disciplinary is not enough". Only by transforming the advantages of the system into governance efficiency and the consciousness of the system into the level of governance can the full power of the system be fully released. To improve the ability and level of responding to major public health emergencies, we must enhance the awareness of worries, always be cautious about being on thin ice, and be keen on seeing Ye Zhiqiu. We must be highly vigilant and guard against major risks in our own fields, and we must pay close attention to the overall For major risks, provide opinions and suggestions at the first time; we must improve the system's execution, strictly perform its duties, exercise its power, and carry out its work in accordance with the system, and give full play to the important role of the system in guiding the direction, regulating behavior, improving efficiency, maintaining stability, and preventing and mitigating risks. ; Must improve work skills, enhance comprehensive ability and control ability, learn to master their professional knowledge in the field, make yourself a professional leader, strengthen the implementation of skills, actively take actions, be brave to overcome difficulties, and do the work with the spirit of nails Do all the work carefully.
Engels said, "There is no huge historical disaster that is not compensated by historical progress." The Chinese nation is a nation that is good at summing up experience and lessons from disasters, and absorbing wisdom and strength. After this ordeal, we will become stronger and more invincible. Let us unite more closely around the Communist Party of China, and around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. With one heart and full of confidence, we will continue to forge ahead toward the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!
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