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How does the epidemic prevention in the grassroots community establish "access control"? The Taiwanese Central Committee recommends that family doctors serve as health gatekeepers

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Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the need for "joint prevention and joint control", which has provided important guidance for the establishment of a large-scale prevention and control pattern for mass prevention and control, and for building a tight line of defense for the prevention and control of community-level epidemics. Different regions have adopted different methods in grasping the prevention and control work of grass-roots communities, and their mobilization forces have different focuses. However, with the exception of a few regions, family contracted doctors have not been able to sink in the prevention and control of the epidemic in general, and have not yet fully utilized their advantages of being in close contact with community residents. At the same time, some people have reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have not received protection advice reminders from family contracted doctors, and even some of them have not been able to find the contact information of their contracted doctors. This issue has attracted the attention of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Alliance.
It is understood that at present, the total signing rate of family doctors in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities has exceeded 30%, and the signing rate of key populations (elderly, maternal, children, disabled) nationwide Has reached 60%. The Central Committee of the Taiwan League believes that the relevant departments should further strengthen the organization and management of family contracted doctors, and effectively use this force to the full, so that they can play the professional advantages of general practitioners in the prevention and control of community outbreaks in the next period. Contact the local advantages of the grassroots.
The Central Committee of the Taiwan Union recommends that the health service committees at all levels should focus on the evaluation of the contracted services of family doctors in the prevention and control of epidemics. And the content of supervision and assessment results as the main basis for the allocation of contracted service funds this year. Medical units that refuse to perform management responsibilities and evade participation in epidemic prevention and control shall be given corresponding penalties. All primary medical institutions shall notify and urge family contracting doctors within the jurisdiction to actively contact contracted parties through various means. In arranging work, it is necessary to consider providing the necessary protective facilities for the patrolling and diagnosis of the communities under the contracted doctors, to effectively reflect the role of their "family" doctors, and to fulfill their "signing" responsibilities. The grassroots government departments should provide necessary support and guarantee for the family contracted doctors to carry out their work. The streets and communities should provide guidance and cooperation for family contracted doctors to follow-up during the epidemic prevention and control work, Internet telephone consultation and other work. The public security and epidemic prevention departments shall, to the extent permitted by law, based on the information mastered in relevant control work Share the necessary dynamic information of the people in the jurisdiction with the contracted doctors of the family in time, cooperate with the screening of high-risk groups, assist in the implementation of standardized management of close contacts, and implement home medical observation measures for close contacts.
At the same time, transferring consultations from offline to online, and providing free one-on-one outbreak prevention and control related consultations and consultations through family doctor online communication can effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection in the hospital treatment process. The Central Committee of the Taiwan League recommends that the existing network diagnosis and treatment resources be fully utilized to do its utmost to reduce the movement of community residents, especially those with close contacts and suspected cases. Family contracted doctors should make reasonable use of group messaging coverage, telephone follow-up of key personnel, WeChat communication of fever patients, and outpatient clinics to conduct health consultations, guide home monitoring, and implement psychological anxiety during outbreaks.
Source: People's Political Consultative Conference




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