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The 2020 National Health Work will arrange these key tasks

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From January 6th to 7th, the 2020 National Health Work Conference was held in Beijing. Summarize the work in 2019, study and strengthen the construction of the health system, and deploy key tasks for 2020.
One is to fully implement the Healthy China Action. Further establish and improve the work promotion mechanism, give full play to the advantages of the patriotic health movement, promote the relevant requirements and tasks of the action into major policies, major projects and major projects, and do a good job in monitoring, evaluation and assessment.
The second is to continue to deepen the reform of the medical and health system. Reform and improve the disease control system, standardize the construction and management of the medical consortium, and promote the high-quality development of public hospitals. Further optimize the allocation of medical resources, solidly promote the national drug centralized procurement and use pilot work, and better serve the people to see a doctor.
The third is to ensure that the basic medical care of the poor is guaranteed. Adhere to the target standard, maintain the trend of attacking the tough situation, implement listing supervision, complete the annual task in an all-round way, and resolutely win the hard battle of health and poverty alleviation.
Fourth, comprehensively strengthen the supervision of medical and health institutions. Strictly regulate medical behaviors and continuously improve people's medical experience. Strict economic operation management, strengthen the comprehensive budget management and cost management of public hospitals. Strictly supervise the style of the industry and seriously investigate and deal with acts that harm the interests of the masses. Strictly control and control security risks, and strengthen the security prevention capabilities of medical institutions.
Fifth, strengthen public health and prevention of major diseases. Strengthen health emergency, prevention of infectious diseases, prevention and control of chronic diseases and prevention of occupational diseases, standardize the implementation of basic public health services to ensure public health safety.
Sixth, promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine in inheriting and innovating. Implement the "Opinions on Promoting the Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and the spirit of the National Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine, comprehensively promote the construction of Chinese medicine service system, personnel training, technological innovation and quality improvement of Chinese medicine, promote the culture of Chinese medicine, and promote Chinese medicine to go out.
The seventh is to do a good job of "one old and one small" care services and maternal and child health care. Build an institutional system and social environment that supports family births, and develop various forms of childcare services. Continue to consolidate the five systems of maternal and child safety. Strengthen the comprehensive coordination function of the aging office, explore the establishment of a long-term care service system for the disabled elderly, and provide the elderly with early, systematic, professional and continuous rehabilitation medical services.
The eighth is to continue to do a good job in health and health. We will conscientiously carry out the promotion and implementation of the "Basic Medical Hygiene and Health Promotion Law" and step up the preparation of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Further improve the technological innovation policy environment. Accelerate the development of "Internet + medical health". Focus on building a well-off society in an all-round way and do a good job of major theme publicity. Deeply participate in global health governance.
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