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The Health and Welfare Commission has given priority to basic public health

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The National Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Maternal and Child Safety Action Plan (2018-2020) and Healthy Children Action Plan (2018-2020)), which is a supporting document of the" Healthy China 2030 "planning outline, Designed to ensure the safety of mothers and children and the health of children.

Maternal health management and child health management have always been the two main contents of the national basic public health service project. The issuance of this document has also made the contents of these two tasks more abundant and specific in the next three years, and has also given the primary focus of basic public health to medical staff at the grassroots level.

Maternal and child and child health management will be the focus of grassroots work

Women ’s and children ’s health is an important cornerstone of national health. The “13th Five-Year Plan” and the “Healthy China 2030” plan for national economic and social development take maternal and child safety and child health as important content. Clearly put forward the implementation of maternal and child safety plan and healthy child plan. The 2018 government work report clearly stated that improving maternal and child health services.

It can be seen that under the "Healthy China" strategic environment, maternal and child safety and child health management will be an important part of China's health and health work, and also an important part of future grassroots health management.

Maternal and child safety management objectives and content

The “Mother and Infant Safety Action Plan (2018-2020)” proposes that the national maternal mortality rate will drop to 18 / 100,000 by 2020 and the national infant mortality rate will drop to 7.5 ‰. The plan proposes to carry out five major actions: prevention of pregnancy risks, treatment of critical illnesses, improvement of quality and safety, capacity building of specialties, and quality services for the convenience of the people. For example, in accordance with open bed and configuration standards, medical staff and facilities are fully equipped to ensure that the service resources match the service volume. Reasonably arrange B-ultrasound and other equipment in the outpatient clinic, increase wearable devices such as fetal heart monitoring, and gradually shorten the waiting time for examinations. Optimize the layout and service process of the obstetric clinic, concentrate on the obstetric clinic, ultrasound examination, fetal heart monitoring, blood collection, urine test, payment and other links, and strive to provide one-stop services. Improve self-service equipment, provide convenient service facilities, and set up breastfeeding rooms in pediatric and child health clinics.

Child health management goals and content

The "Healthy Children Action Plan (2018-2020)" proposes that by 2020, the children's health service system covering urban and rural areas will be further improved, children's health care service capabilities will continue to improve, and children's health will be improved. The infant mortality rate and the mortality rate of children under 5 years of age are controlled below 7.5 ‰ and 9.5 ‰, respectively. The rate of exclusive breastfeeding for babies aged 0-6 months is above 50%. The plan proposes 8 items such as child health promotion action, newborn safety action, comprehensive birth prevention and control action, early childhood development action, child nutrition improvement action, child key disease prevention action, child medical and health service improvement action, child health technology innovation action, etc. action. For example, improve the children's medical and health service system, expand children's medical and health service resources, promote the construction of pediatric medical consortium, and encourage social forces to organize children's medical and health care institutions. Reasonably adjust the price of pediatric medical care services, promote a tiered diagnosis and treatment system, give priority to children ’s family contract services, enhance the basic public health service capabilities, and gradually form a medical pattern of primary consultation and two-way referral. Strengthen the construction of children's medical and health personnel, increase training and training, increase salary and treatment, and promote career development. Strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine pediatrics in medical institutions, actively promote the application of appropriate pediatric Chinese medicine technology, and promote the implementation of public health service projects of Chinese medicine in the field of children's health.

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