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Occupational disease prevention work is included in the scope of national basic public health services

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Not long ago, the Ministry of Finance and the National Health and Health Commission issued a budget for public health service subsidies for 2019. Among them, occupational disease prevention and treatment work was separately funded as a special project, increasing the investment in occupational disease prevention and treatment work. Among the basic public health service subsidies in 2019, the project focus on occupational disease prevention includes three items: monitoring of key occupational diseases, monitoring of occupational disease hazard factors, and survey of the status of occupational disease hazards in key industries. Among them, the key occupational disease surveillance program was adjusted according to the requirements of the leadership of the State Council. The occupational disease surveillance diseases were adjusted from the original 10 to 28, of which occupational pneumoconiosis was expanded from 3 to 13 and occupational tumors were expanded from 3 to 11 kinds. At the same time, the scope of monitoring has also been actively expanded. The setting of monitoring points has been extended from the prefecture and city levels to the county and district levels, and around 300 counties and districts have been selected nationwide to carry out active monitoring work. Occupational disease hazard factor monitoring is a newly added monitoring content this year, mainly through the active monitoring of occupational disease hazard factors in employers and workplaces to master the relevant conditions of key industries in China, such as mining, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, and master the key posts Key hazards, such as coal dust, vacuum dust, cement dust, quartz dust, benzene, lead, noise, etc. distribution and concentration or intensity level, evaluate the impact of occupational disease hazards on workers ’health, and provide a scientific basis for occupational disease prevention.
Occupational disease hazard status survey is a basic work, mainly to investigate the basic situation of occupational disease hazards in key industries and the related situation of occupational disease hazards by region, industry, position, population distribution, etc. Through the mastering of this information, the basic database of occupational hazard data will be established to lay the foundation for formulating policies and strengthening supervision.
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