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2019 government work report, 20 key medical tasks are here

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Source: Organized by grassroots doctors' commune
1. Guarantee basic medical and health services

2. Per capita financial subsidy standard for residents' medical insurance increased by 30 yuan

Continue to improve the level of basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance for urban and rural residents. The per capita financial subsidy standard for residents' medical insurance was increased by 30 yuan, half of which was used for critical illness insurance.

3. The proportion of critical illness insurance reimbursement increased from 50% to 60%

Reduce and unify the critical illness insurance threshold, increase the reimbursement ratio from 50% to 60%, and further reduce the medical burden of severely ill patients and people in need.

4. Strengthen the prevention of major diseases

5. Promote cancer prevention screening, early diagnosis and treatment

Tens of millions of families suffering from cancer in our country must implement cancer prevention and control actions, promote prevention and screening, early diagnosis and treatment, and scientific research, and strive to alleviate the pain points of people's livelihood.

6. Incorporate outpatient drugs such as hypertension and diabetes into medical insurance reimbursement

Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases, and include hypertension, diabetes and other outpatient drugs into the medical insurance reimbursement.

7. Pay close attention to the implementation and improvement of the direct settlement policy for inter-provincial remote medical treatment

Pay close attention to the implementation and improvement of the direct settlement policy for inter-provincial off-site medical treatment, as soon as possible to enable off-site medical patients to hold cards for medical treatment and instant settlement in all designated hospitals, and effectively facilitate the floating population and the elderly who migrate.

8. Deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals

9. Promote social medical management

10. Strengthen the training of grassroots medical staff

Accelerate the establishment of a telemedicine service system, strengthen the training of grassroots medical personnel, and improve the quality of graded diagnosis and treatment and family doctor contract services.

11. All the new financial subsidies for basic public health services will be used for villages and communities

Insisting on prevention first, all new financial subsidies for basic public health services will be used for villages and communities, and we must benefit the grassroots.

12. Strengthen maternal and child health services

13. Support the inheritance, innovation and development of Chinese medicine

14. Strengthen the supervision of drug vaccines throughout the process

Drugs and vaccines are vital to life safety. We must strengthen supervision throughout the whole process, punish those who violate the law severely, and seriously investigate and deal with those who dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty.

15. Reform and improve the policy of combining medical care and nursing

It is necessary to vigorously develop the elderly care, especially the community elderly care service industry, and provide tax relief, financial support, water and electricity heating price concessions, and other support to institutions that provide services such as day care, rehabilitation care, and meal and travel assistance in the community. Supporting the construction of community old-age service facilities, reforming and perfecting the policy of integrated medical and nursing, and expanding the pilot of the long-term care insurance system, so that the elderly can have a happy old age, and later people can have a promising future.

16. Deepen the linkage between the three doctors

Deepen the joint reform of medical care, medical insurance and medicine.

17. Steady advancement of graded diagnosis and treatment

18. Raise the standard of residents' basic medical insurance subsidies and the reimbursement ratio of critical illness insurance

19. Accelerate the reform of new drug review and approval, 17 kinds of anti-cancer drugs have been significantly reduced in price and included in the national medical insurance catalog

20. Improve the level of disability prevention and rehabilitation services

Throughout the 2019 government work report, various medical business plans are more comprehensive and improved, supervision is more stringent and strengthened, and more attention is paid to the improvement of the level of the primary medical industry. Orderly!
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