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Gansu Provincial Health Commission issued a notice on further standardizing the management of paper health records

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Recently, the Gansu Provincial Health Commission issued a document "Notice on Further Regulating the Management of Paper Health Records", announcing that from January 1, 2020, the paper health records of the general population will be cancelled uniformly throughout the province. Medical and health institutions carry out this work.


It is worth mentioning that the paper health files cancelled this time are limited to "ordinary people". For the special population in public health work, the "Notice" stipulates: while canceling the paper management of the general population basic information form and other forms, continue to retain the original and new 0-6 year-old children, pregnant women, elderly, The management standards for paper health records of key populations such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, severe mental disorders, and tuberculosis patients continue to be implemented in accordance with the National Basic Public Health Service Specification (Third Edition). In addition, the newly added ordinary people's health records are all based on the new electronic health records in the provincial residents' health records management information platform, and no paper health records will be built. After the cancellation of the paper health file, the "Notice" has further assigned the task, and the basic medical and health institutions should do a good job in the preservation of historical files in accordance with the relevant provisions on the preservation of inpatient medical records in the "Regulations on the Management of Medical Records of Medical Institutions (2013 Edition)" .

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