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Jinan Grete National Basic Public Health Equipment Appeared on Shandong TV Station

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To further improve the county's primary medical service level, Ju County invested a total of 23.1 million yuan to equip the county's primary medical and health institutions with 21 health examination vehicles, 26 examination equipment and information systems, and 596 sets of family doctor inspection boxes. The "opening" of the health through train has effectively solved the problem of insufficient service capacity of grassroots medical institutions, met the new needs of grassroots people for health services, and opened the "last mile" to serve the people.

It is reported that the health through train is equipped with Jinan Grete biochemical analyzer, blood analyzer, centrifuge, ultrasound, health education system and other equipment. The family doctor's inspection box is equipped with blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, urine analyzer and other equipment. It can provide "one-stop" services such as personal basic information collection, lifestyle, physical examination, auxiliary examination and health status assessment, health guidance, etc. to achieve "on-site inspection, on-site results"





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