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Three digital intelligent electrocardiograph iMAC300

Digital three-channel electrocardiograph IMAC300

Working conditions:
1.1 The product can work normally in the environment of power supply AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, room temperature 6-40 ℃ and relative humidity 25% ~ 70%
1.2 The power plug of the product complies with Chinese standards.
1.3 Defibrillation protection: with anti-defibrillation shock protection function
1.4 Lead wire: The lead wire is equipped with anti-defibrillation and electric shock protection function, and has anti-winding design
1.5 Chinese and English input and operation tips

4.1 The device has built-in memory, this machine can store ≥900 cases
4.2 Support external U disk, SD card to expand storage space
4.3 Data storage format: pdf, png,
5.1 ≥5.5 inch 640 * 480 dot color LED screen
5.3 Display information: display 12 ECG waveforms on the same screen
5.4 The display content includes waveform, heart rate, lead, paper speed, gain, filter, time, battery power indicator, input method, file, information prompt area,
5.5 The quality of the whole machine ≤1.3kg (including battery 1.4kg)
6.1 Multi-axis linkage thermal printer, record ECG report smoothly and clearly
6.2 Paper speed: 5, 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 mm / s ± 2%
6.3 Record mode: manual / automatic printing: 3CH, 3CH + 1R
6.4 Recording paper specifications: folding paper / roll paper, 80mm
6.5 Printing method: real-time synchronization or continuous 12 ECG waveform printing
6.6 Record content: ECG waveform, analysis result and lead name, paper speed, gain, filter, date, information, mark, etc.
6.7 Can be directly connected to a laser printer to print ECG waveforms and reports on A4 paper
6.8 With grid printing function on gridless paper
External input interface
7.1 USB interface (2), TF card interface (built-in) (1), network interface (1), lead interface (1)
7.2 Support scanner, card reader information entry equipment
7.3 Support the output of PDF PNGECGJPG format standard protocol,
Power supply: AC and DC dual use automatic conversion
8.1 AC power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
8.2 DC power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, continuous working for more than 2.5 hours

9.1 Standard configuration: 1 host, 1 lead wire, 4 limb electrodes, 6 chest electrodes, 1 roll of thermal paper, 1 power cord, 1 ground wire, and a set of other accessories




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