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Automatic hemorheology analyzer

Automatic hemorheology analyzer

Performance parameter

1. The sample volume is small,

2. Piping design, no mechanical failure

3. Equipped with P232 / USB interface to realize data communication and connect with hematocrit analyzer

4. Newton and non-Newtonian fluid quality control, edit quality control data, print quality control chart

7. Automatic (manual) floating landmarks, analysis of blood viscosity according to different regions

8. Automatic calibration function

9. Clinical emergency position measurement

10. Abnormal blood sample alarm, anti-blocking function

11. Blood samples are mixed uniformly, using layer suction method or throughput method, two methods of parallel synchronization

12. The plasma level is automatically sensed, and the original test tube does not need to be replaced after the whole blood is centrifuged

13. Support Lis / His system, barcode scanning input

14. Use vacuum pump to evacuate,

15. Humanized software operation platform, simple and flexible, fully automatic parallel working mode

LB-2A series automatic hemorheology analyzer




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