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ECG monitor

ECG monitor


1) Portable design, compact structure,

2) 12.1 inch TFTLCD.

3) Built-in DC rechargeable battery, power supply time up to 2 hours.

4) The soft power switch can also charge the machine in the shutdown state, with battery power indicator.

Software features

1) Large font display at a glance: It can be clearly observed from a distance, and the monitored information is always in the doctor's field of vision.

2) Complete mode display: Simultaneous display of waveform and information value of seven leads of ECG, which is convenient for doctors to diagnose and analyze.

3) Dynamic short-trend graph: The dynamic short-trend graph displayed on the same screen can directly observe the changes in the measured values of various vital signs, and help the doctor to make a judgment quickly.

4) Bracket solution: You can choose the bracket according to the different needs of the hospital.




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