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Blood lipid analyzer

Blood lipid analyzer

Product parameters

Using photochemical detection method, it is a portable blood lipid detector, easy to carry and convenient to visit,

Detector features:

It can detect single items (single card) or four items simultaneously (multiple cards).

? Convenient and fast

Can detect a variety of sample types (fingertip whole blood, serum, plasma) without pretreatment;

A single card requires 10 μL of blood sample (multiple cards require 35 μL of blood sample), and the result is produced within 2 minutes.

? Data management

Support USB transmission, can be directly connected to the printer or computer.

Performance parameters of blood lipid detector



Test Range

CHOL: 2.59 ~ 12.93 mmol / L (100 ~ 500 mg / dL)

HDL: 0.39 ~ 2.59 mmol / L (15 ~ 100 mg / dL)

Tirg: 0.51 ~ 7.34 mmol / L (45 ~ 650 mg / dL)

Specimen type

Whole blood, serum or plasma

Sample size

Single test card: 10 μL; three-in-one test card: 35 μL

testing time

≤120 seconds

unit of measurement

mmol / L, mg / dL (System default is mmol / L.

Memory value

200 test results

Operating temperature

15-35 ℃, ≤80% humidity

Test card type of blood lipid detector:

Free choice of multiple cards (four items of blood lipids); Test card packaging:

Single serving aluminum foil packaging: easy to use,

Another 20 servings / box, 50 servings / box packaging specifications




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