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K6 Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner K6

Portable all-digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus K6

Clinical application range:

Used for clinical ultrasound diagnosis. Mainly for diagnosis and analysis of human abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney), obstetrics and gynecology, heart, thyroid, small organs, urology, superficial, orthopedic surgery. , Ultrasound diagnosis and examination of blood flow in the kidney, carotid artery, intestine, breast, etc.


? Ultra wide dynamic range and new perfect beam forming
? New cluster precise launch and massive parallel processing
? Unique pure wave probe group, implement arbitrary multi-plane display
? iBeam TM intelligent space imaging
? Fine tissue optimized imaging (FTO, post-processing)
? Specific tissue imaging (TSI)
? Shear wave tissue quantitative technology application
? Concise new ultrasound contrast display
? Easy-to-use platform design with "on the go"
? Automatically and continuously optimize the gain and time gain compensation to ensure the best image
? Station intelligent built-in workstation system (support Chinese / English switching)
? Full-mode application, open software architecture
? Enhanced blood flow resolution
? Adaptive image optimization
? Multi-level scanning depth is adjustable

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