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Portable urine analyzer

GRT-2002 Portable Urine Analyzer

Main performance

1. Portable suitcase design, compact structure, suitable for harsh environment detection;
3. Automatically correct the effect of urine pH, specific gravity and color on the test results;
4. One-key operation: simple and fast, on-site testing results on site;
5. The test results are automatically saved and the storage capacity is large; it supports multiple data transmission protocols and external memory;
6. Full Chinese comprehensive report, you can choose the format of report printing, +/- system or numerical system;
7. Standard USB data port (U disk), Bluetooth, wired LAN, WIFI
8. High temperature, high plateau, high cold, can be adapted to the outdoor seasons, no special constant temperature measures are required, and it is easy to maintain and use.

Measurement items

Glucose, bilirubin, ketone bodies, specific gravity, pH, occult blood, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes, ascorbic acid, PH value, vitamin C, etc.




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