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Five classification blood cell analyzer DF53

Detection principle: Coulter principle detects the number and volume distribution of red blood cells and platelets; colorimetric method is used to measure hemoglobin concentration; semiconductor laser flow cytometry is used to obtain the five classification results of white blood cells and white blood cell / basophil count results.
Detection parameters: 27 parameters, including 23 report parameters: WBC, Neu #, Lym #, Mon #, Eos #, Bas #, Neu%, Lym%, Mon%, Eos%, Bas%, RBC, HGB, HCT , MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT; 4 research parameters: ALY #, ALY%, LIC #, LIC%.
Scatter plot: 3 DIFF scatter plots and 1 BASO scatter plot.
Histogram: 3 histograms.
Analysis mode: CBC, CBC + DIFF.
Analysis speed: The maximum detection speed is 60 samples / hour.
Blood sample mode: venous whole blood, peripheral whole blood, prediluted blood.
Sampling mode: open sampling.
Sample size: 20 μL.
Calibration mode: with calibrator calibration, fresh blood calibration and manual calibration mode.
Quality control mode: It has two quality control modes, L-J and X-B, which can automatically draw quality control charts.
Operation software: support Chinese and English software operation.
Input method: Support Chinese and English input of patient information and hospital information.
Output mode: external printer, Chinese and English report format, histogram, scatter plot, reference range, etc., including multiple printing modes and user-defined templates.
Data storage management: automatically record specimen results, instrument status, logs, etc., and support retrospective information query, 50,000 sample records (including scatter plots, histograms, patient information)
Unit system selection: support custom, Chinese, international, American, Canadian, Dutch, British 7 unit systems, which can be set freely.
Anti-deadening: The sampling needle has anti-deadening function, which can reduce the blocking of holes and provide the accuracy of suction.
Networking function: support bidirectional LIS, and have the function of communicating with laboratory information system.
Blocking function: the instrument has the functions of automatic plugging detection and automatic plugging; the instrument has the functions of automatic plugging detection and automatic plugging; it has various plugging methods such as positive and negative recoil and burning.
Cleaning function: manual whole machine cleaning, manual WBC pool, RBC pool and sampling needle cleaning can be performed on the instrument maintenance interface, and automatic sampling needle cleaning and automatic switching machine cleaning are supported at the same time.
Maintenance function: with one-key fault elimination function.
Alarm function: with abnormal sample FLAG alarm function, support custom alarm rules; support classification or morphological abnormal alarm; with reagent alarm function, fault alarm function
Maintainability: with visual reagent management interface, instrument key instrument component status detection and instrument self-test.
Sleep mode: with automatic sleep function, sleep time can be set manually.
Reagents: original matching reagents can be provided.
Quality control: can provide supporting high, medium and low quality control.




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