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Fully automatic biochemical analyzer (360 speed)

Automatic biochemical analyzer

● Instrument type: fully automatic discrete
● System type: random optional, item combination, batch physical examination, emergency department priority
● Test speed: 360T / H
● Test methods: end point method, fixed time method, kinetic method, turbidimetric method, etc.
● Colorimetric cups: 80 transparent purple colorimetric cups
● Sampling arm: independent reagent sampling arm and sample sampling arm
● Stirring mechanism: independent stirring needle, fully stir after adding samples and reagents
● Rotating arm: The rotating arms are assembled with imported splines, hard chrome technology, no noise and maintenance-free
● Sample adding device: double micro ceramic plunger pump, which is filled with reagent and sample,
● Reagent position: 36 Hitachi universal kits or 56 custom kits can be placed at one time

● Sample: can be placed at the same time




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